Yorkshire Copper Tube



Yorkshire Copper Tube is the UK`s foremost producer of copper tube for hot and cold water, central heating and gas applications,

Yorkshire offers a comprehensive range of Yorkex, Kuterlon and Minibore plain tube to BS EN 1057 and Kuterlex and Kuterlex Plus covered tube to BS EN 1057 / BS EN 13349, as well as Yorkshire Medical Gas Tube to BS EN 13348

Yorkshire’s tubes carry a 25 year guarantee against manufacturing defects

Tubes carry BSi Kitemark certification

Yorkshire quality management system is approved to BS EN ISO 9001

Yorkex is the general purpose copper tube for above ground services. Its ease of manipulation in half-hard condition and relatively light weight, combined with its ability to withstand high internal pressure, makes Yorkex the ideal product for most hot and cold water, central heating and gas services installations.

With a wall thickness significantly greater than that of Yorkex, Kuterlon offers the option of a higher pressure rating. Kuterlon is supplied in both straight length and coil form and, when supplied with a Kuterlex coating, it is the ideal product for underground applications. The extra wall thickness also allows Kuterlon to be used on certain pressurized steam installations with higher maximum working pressures.



Yorkshire Medical Gas Tubes are specially manufactured, cleaned and packed to ensure they are suitable for medical gases and / or vacuum lines. In oxygen lines, spontaneous combustion can take place with any greases or hydrocarbons in the tubes, and the cleaning process eliminates this risk. Additionally, the cleaning takes awaymalodorous from residual lubricants that may taint breathable gases