Pettinaroli Dynamic Balancing Valves






Giuseppe and Mario Pettinaroli founded Fratelli Pettinaroli in 1938. The company has a significant history and experience in the field of variable flow control. The Pettinaroli brand name has always been renowned for quality,integrity and innovation in the manufacturing of components for plumbing and heating systems. During the nineties, Pettinaroli undertook a progressive globalization to reinforce its position in international markets. As a result, we grew to become a Group of nine companies. Two of them are manufacturing units, in Italy, while the others take care of logistic and distribution in their respective markets, in the US, France, Switzerland and Denmark.

The EvoPICV Pressure Independent Control Valve “PICV” is a combined constant flow limiter and full stroke, full authority equal percentage temperature control valve.

Operating principle

EvoPICV valve is made by three main parts:

  1. Differential pressure regulator
  2. Regulating valve for flow adjustment
  3. Flow pre-setting knob