KITZ General Valves






KITZ Corporation established in 1951, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of valves and Japan`s largest. The company aims to lead the Japanese general flow control industry by becoming the most versatile valve manufacturer. To fulfill this goal, KITZ has widened its product range and offered more convenient product sourcing to its customers. It has also employed the just-in-time production system to dramatically improve its production efficiency, particularly for smaller and more varied customer needs.

To maintain product quality and delivery, the company continues to upgrade its production system which includes in-house material foundries. KITZ quality assurance system ensures that, at all operating stages, the company`s materials, products, and services meet at all operating stages, the company`s materials, products, and services meet customer requirements.

Highly resistant to heat and pressure, thus are particularity suited for use in oil refined, petrochemical processing plants, gas and oil pipelines and power plants. The range includes ANSI classes 150 – 2500 gate, globe, ball and check valves in 28 sizes with bore diameters ranging from ½ to 36 inches.


Suitable for use in petrochemical, food processing, pulp and paper industries KITZ offers ANSI Classes 150 to 1500 stainless steel gate, globe, ball, and check valves in 21 sizes with bore diameters ranging from ¼ to 24 inches.


They possess the same mechanical strength as steel valves but at significantly low cost thus are employed in city gas systems, irrigation, building construction, water treatment systems, and other low-pressure applications. The product range includes ANSI classes 125 TO 300 gate, globe, ball, butterfly and check valves in 21 sizes, with bronze diameters ranging from ¼ to 24 inches.


Suitable for controlling the flow of liquids and gases under low pressure. The bronze valve bodies are forged from brass bars. KITZ manufacturer’s brass and bronze gate, globe ball and check valves. They come in 13sizes, with bore diameters ranging from1/4 to 4 inches.


Kitz automatically operated ball and butterfly valves have attached increasing demand in the petrochemical, food processing, pharmaceutical, and other industries where centralized control and quick emergency shut-off are essential.