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Sharm El Sheikh International Airport

A Gateway to Value Added Engineering

Sharm El Sheikh International Airport at first glance evokes thoughts of Bedouin tents and the tribesmen`s famed hospitality towards travelers. Getting closer, if resembles a huge falcon soaring with outstretched wings over Sinai`s golden-red desert mountains. From another angle, the terminal resembles a seashell, and when the lights inside twinkle in the evening, you can almost imagine it contains a pearl.

These many impressions stem from the building unique design, inspired by the airports location at the southern tip of Sinai Peninsula. The departure hall features the sweeping tent-like peaks, while the arrival hall has the more subtle scalloped curving roof. The two meet at a streamlined, boot-shaped central lobby. The terminal`s low profile blends with the dramatic desert mountains in the background inside the building itself, the glass façade draws your eye out to sea. The effect is accented sculptures made from local sandstone, enhanced by the golden color of the sun reflected on the desert.

The two-story building covers 44.000m2 , with 40 departure countries, 16 passport control stations, 7 gates, arrival and departure halls and a spacious baggage claim hall with four luggage belts. The central area sits a vast food-court that handles up to 2.500 passengers/hour, while both the arrival and departure halls have sizable duty-free outlet. The 135.000m2 of landslide a new vehicular road network, parking space, (100 buses and 350 cars), curbside and other airport systems and services.                                                                           

  The 90 million US $ facility funded by the World Bank is equipped with state of the art communication and security technology. It is fully compliant with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) safety and security standards, and furthermore it is designed to withstand earthquakes.


  • Consultant : Dar al handasah – shair & partners
  • Contractor: Delta for construction
  • Tiba contracting

Cairo Airport Development Project – Terminal 2


The Ministry of Civil Aviation has requested the World Bank (WB) to finance Cairo Airport Development Project – Terminal 2, the Egyptian Holding Company for Airports and Air Navigation (EHCAAN) being the beneficiary. Thus, it has been agreed with the World Bank to provide a loan worth $280m and a loan agreement was signed on 25\3\2015 with an enforcement date of 30\11\2015.

The purpose of the project is to improve the quality of services at the Airport through increasing its capacity and to develop air transportation services. It mainly focuses on developing terminal 2 which was completely rebuilt. The project implementation is notably in progress; it has been noted during the field visit that 80% of the project activities has been completed.

On the other hand, the project has provided 5 consultative studies to develop the civil aviation sector and all of them have been completed. The closing date of the said loan was extended for 6 months from the earlier closing date of 31\11\2015, thereby falling on 13\11\2015, in order to complete remaining project activities. This project is considered one of the vital projects that have considerable economic and tourism returns.