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Amoun Pharmaceutical Co, S.A.E.

A Prescribed Balancing Solution

Amoun was the first private sector pharmaceutical manufacturing plant in Egypt with its first factory established in 1976. Now Amoun established its third state of the art the art factory complying with the FDA requirements and is considered to be one of the biggest and most up-to-date pharmaceutical factories in the whole Middle East and Africa. The factory is built on 65.970 m2 in the heart of the first industrial zone in El-Obour City.

Amoun is considered to be one of the biggest factories in the field of producing human and veterinary pharmaceutical products and nutritional supplements. The human pharmaceutical products cover most of pharmaceutical groups including 105 trade names covering nearly 200 products of different forms and concentrations. The facility is compressed of a two stories structure. Separate buildings support the main facility including warehouses, stores, employee facilities, laboratories administrative offices administrative offices and utility support.

Administration Building comprises: Fully air-conditioned offices for 1000 employees, 10 meeting rooms, 2 multi-purposes halls of 500 persons capacity and a conference room seating 650 room sealing 650 persons. The building has a separate electric power station (4 megawatts) and 7 Elevators: 1000 Kg capacity.

Engineering Building: This building consists of four floors 502 m2 each. The engineering department is responsible for the maintenance of all electromagnetically works in the whole site. 

  • Consultant: Dar al handasah – shair & partners
  • Contractors: Arab contractors – takmiliah branch
  • Genena LTD