Children Cancer Hospital 57357

Compassion for Children…Passion for Quality Products and Services

The Children Cancer Hospital stands as a source of light and hope for cancer suffering children and their families’ weather these children are from Egypt, the Middle East or the entire world. It provides a sanctuary of peace and strength where children can feel safe and cared for by the world`s most talented and committed staff, dedicated and trained and trained to meet the international standards of healthcare. CCH-57257, is a 185 bed specialized hospital that offers its services free of charge not only to Egyptian children but also to those from the Arab countries. The hospital`s learn works to transform latest research and education into compassionate state of the art technically advanced care.


In 1999, AFNCI began planning the hospital project to be located in El Sayeda Zeinab district; one of the oldest districts in Cairo near Sour Magra El-Oyoun. The land space is about 20.000 m2 .Hospital 57257 was designed to follow international state of the art principles.

The pre-design phase began in August 2000 led by SLAM, on international architectural firm with more than 30 years experience in health care facility design, SLAM brought together a team consisting of NCI boars members and staff, AFNCU board members, governmental experts and patients, families all gathered to make this landmark dream project come true.

  • Electro-mechanical Consultant : shaker consultancy group
  • Contractor: pharaoh contracting