Al Guezira Plaza

Al Guezira Plaza is a mark of architectural excellence. Just a visit is an outstanding experience in itself. The magnificent structure adds beauty, class and immense value to the up and coming Sheikh Zayed City. Promoting the concept of “everything under one roof”, a presence at Al Guezira Plaza is a perfect opportunity for thriving businesses. The Plaza was designed by the award-winning WDG Architects – a Washington, D.C. based company with a proven track-record of creating stunning architectural designs including those of Rockville Metro Plaza, and the Crystal Square. This means your business instantly benefits from Al Guezira Plaza’s prestigious design, giving you a premium brand image and a chance to stay ahead of the competition.

Unique to Al Guezira Plaza are the marvelously high ceilings measuring in at a whopping 3.72 meters, resulting in a sense of added space and increased elegance. Whilst acting as a natural cooling mechanism, the high ceilings offer a fresher, healthier environment which does wonders to optimize air circulation around the rooms. Our renowned team of structural engineers and architects have thought the design through and through to ensure that the exclusively high ceilings bring out a classic look prevalent in earlier times. All this adds up to a more open feel and luxurious atmosphere for our tenants and visitors.