About Us

  • VT is a fast growing joint stock company established in 1997. Our prime focus is to supply unique state of the art technology flow control systems that deliver superior engineering performance while striking a competitive value for money equation.
  • Over the past years, VT has secured a distinctive position in the local market by consistently providing its customers with a quality supply and support service. Driven by a challenging entrepreneurship spirit, VT has taken quantum leaps by continuously diversifying its portfolio through the addition of new products and services, in quest of providing its customers with comprehensive integrated solutions.
  • VT partners with leading worldwide manufacturers of flow control systems through readily supplying their products and services to our local markets. Our range of supplies covers complete pipe jointing systems, valves, flow balancing systems, copper piping systems, water dearation systems, comprehensive fire fighting devices and suppression systems.
  • VT has recently launched a regional expansion initiative aiming at broadening its scope of business operation to cover virgin markets in the region.
  • VT is a young, dynamic, challenging, fast growing organization nurturing strong entrepreneurship and leadership spirit. It promotes self-development, growth, teamwork, effectiveness, efficiency and initiative. VT believes in building its organization structure from within.
  • This principle-centered approach to serving our customers and markets has built VT a corporate image focused around innovation, premium quality products, superior services, professionalism and effectiveness.
  • VT’s continued success is attributed to the paradigm of perceiving its team members, customers, manufacturing principles and market stake holders as business associates and partners collaborating to achieve long term mutual benefits through jointly sharing responsibilities.

We sustain our leading position and persistently exceed our customers’ expectations through pursuing long-term principle centered business strategies.


  • Driven by the commitment to fulfill our mission, Value Tech has effectively collaborated with its manufacturing principals to serve the professional community in which we work by developing and conducting tailored training colleges, offsite educational events and conferences addressed to our clientele with the aim of developing market awareness of recent technological developments and new design trends.
  • Events are usually conducted by non-commercial third party international industry experts offering attendees unbiased technical information and product know how solely aiming at reinforcing knowledge of the engineering concepts underlying the products we market.
  • VT has successfully conducted a series of well-received events in the past years. These events were greatly valued by the participants and have helped enrich the global working standards within the industries addressed.

Is a young, highly dynamic, well-trained, professional team of meticulously chosen sales engineers with insightful experience in the industry. The team is tuned to provide the best possible product supply consultation to the customers with the mindset of striking the balance between putting the customers’ best interest as prime target while achieving VT’s challenging sales targets.

Is comprised of a team of technical engineers and staff qualified to offer the following complimentary services to our customers:

  • Issuing project technical comparisons featuring the use of Value Tech systems vs. other competitors to facilitate system selection
  • Developing technical compliance sheets for consultants’ approval.
  • Preparing system budgets and cost comparisons.
  • Proposing effective balancing solutions for any hydraulic system.
  • Preparing balancing valve sizing calculations.
  • Developing detailed piping system material take-off for any project.
  • Conducting customer training programs on balancing hydraulic systems, copper pipe work, valves’ installation and various other topics related to our product range.
  • Assisting in troubleshooting balancing problems.
  • Offering pipe grooving service and pipe field preparation advice to customers.

Is comprised of highly competent financial analysts and accounting team serving as the backbone of the whole organization. Their prime focus is to optimize the use of the company’s financial resources, thereby meeting our obligations effectively and timely, and generating funds for new business development while maximizing corporate share value and share holders’ return on investment.

Stock: One of Value Tech’s key strategic competitive advantages is holding an adequate cost effective inventory level of fast moving items of all its product range. This ensures the timely fulfillment of our customers’ orders, a short product delivery lead-time and an improved customer cash flow cycle. Our stock holding strategy dictates a minimum order quantity equivalent to four months of sales considering forecast orders. This allows for hedging against out of stock probabilities. Our stock is held in One adjacent warehouse located on an area of 650 Sq mts at Abu Rawash industrial Zone for quick and smooth access.  The Warehouses are designed to facilitate speedy loading and delivery of orders.

Tool Gallery: A vast array of more than 50 diversified tools needed for pipe preparation, installation, commissioning and troubleshooting. The gallery features power motors for roll and cut grooving machines, hole cutting machines, hydraulic measurement computerized balancing and measuring instruments, all for lease at a moderate fees, thereby offering customers a service replacing the costly need for intensive capital investment.

VT Motto: Our Commitment to those We Serve is the Foundation of our Success.

We supply innovative State of the Art Technology integrated flow control solutions that meet superior quality design standards while striking a competitive value for money equation.

We strive to constantly exceed our customers’ expectations through delivering a total quality service that renders complete satisfaction.

We assume corporate social responsibility through developing the community in which we work by conducting specialized educational programs and conferences that enhance awareness of the latest engineering and design concepts.

We protect the best interest of our manufacturing partners by well supporting their brands by adapting their strategies to our local market dynamics and needs. We do not market products that compete within the same market segment.

We employ the best people we can find and maintain a working environment that is motivating and attractive to all members of our team. We maximize our team’s skills through training and give the opportunity to those with promising ability and proven performance records to develop; thereby building our organization from within. We are committed to provide our people with means and circumstances to improve their quality of life.

We demonstrate integrity in all our procedures and operations. We strictly adhere to the “Ethical & Professional Codes of Business”.

We achieve a leading position in our market through the successful pursuit of our commitment. As a result our business, our shareholders, our team, our customers and the community in which we work prospers.

The VT organizational structure is built around a flat, decentralized organizational concepts encouraging decentralized timely decision making thereby emphasizing focus on functional expertise.

Is comprised of a strongly harmonized young management team synergized to assume responsibility and accountability for decision-making and to provide prompt, effective and professional solutions to encountered challenges.

Is an in office commercial support team comprising expediting experts highly qualified in import, freighting, shipping documentation, legalization and custom clearance procedures. This department offers the back stage commercial support for our sales team through issuing commercial sales quotations and processing purchase orders. Customers can at any time acquire accurate update on their orders shipping and delivery status.

 A dedicated team acting as a liaison between consulting firms, Value Tech Sales, Technical team and the manufacturing principles to enhance and develop technological awareness of new industry trends, innovative product concepts, products’ modifications and developments. The main tasks of this technically and commercially qualified team is to develop and conduct product tailored presentations, to provide up-to-date system design specifications and engineering solutions,  to identify and develop new potential market segments, and to organize educational events and conferences to endorse Value Tech’s Mission through fulfilling the companies social responsibility.  The department plays a pivotal role in business development by qualifying new products/systems that widens and compliments the scope of Value Tech’s State of the Art Value offering to the local market.

 Value Tech genuinely believes that its working team is the most valuable resource on board. The entire team’s commitment to our vision is the foundation of our success. Accordingly their growth and development on both the professional and personal fronts is crucial to ensure an effective organization development and “build up” from within. The HCM team constantly generates means of providing employees with the finest working circumstances; by assuring Value Tech offers competitive remuneration packages through conducting salary surveys within the industry, issuing and following up on working contracts for social security compensation, contracting with top notch healthcare insurance companies, recruiting the best-fit candidates via professional recruiters to sustain a harmonized team. The HCM team coordinates with various departments to conduct functional training programs with the aim of developing our team’s effectiveness, efficiency and exposure on both the technical and commercial fronts. HCM’s priority is to develop a corporate environment that builds team satisfaction thereby ensuring minimum turnover, improving our team’s quality of life, building corporate loyalty and creating a spirit of ownership among all members of the team.  HCM is simply about building potential Value Tech business leaders.